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Gutter Cleaning

Evergreen specializes in gutter cleaning, which is paramount to improving the curb appeal of your home

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning services are essential to home maintenance, especially if you have a lot of trees around your home. Depending on the weather and accessibility, we have several methods and tools we use for gutter cleaning. The end goal is always clean gutters & downspouts with no mess left behind.


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In addition to the basic interior gutter-cleaning, we can also clean the exterior gutter face. We can do small fixes, such as caulking leaky seams or re-attaching gutters that are separating from the house. We can also install screen cones into downspouts. Homeowners should consider installing these if downspouts lead to an underground drainage system. They might also consider cone installation if gutters overflow before filling up with debris. This is more common with deciduous leaves but can happen as easily with conifers if they closely surround the house. Cleaning your gutter face and fascia boards can really enhance the overall look of your house. You definitely want to do this before your mother-in-law comes to town (as well as consider roof moss removal).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean the downspouts as well?

Yes. We make sure every downspout is clean, often using snakes and hoses. If the clog is bad, we may need to take the pipe apart and put it back together. This is included in the basic gutter-cleaning price.

What about all the debris on my roof? Won’t it just run down into the gutters after you’ve cleaned them?

If there isn’t much debris on the roof, we will sometimes include an air-blow with the gutter cleaning and it will be listed on your estimate. If it’s not listed, and you think you need it, tell us. We’ll be happy to add that service. Also, please be sure to check out all our roof care options.

Can you clear an underground drainage pipe if it turns out that my overflowing gutters are a result of a blockage below ground?

Evergreen Window Cleaning now has the equipment to handle many underground blockages up to a hundred feet. However, this is a different service from gutter cleaning and will be listed on quotes and invoices as a separate line item. If you are interested in this service, please let us know.

Should I install a leaf-filtration system (sometimes called gutter guards or gutter filters) on my gutters?

Our overall feeling about leaf-filtration systems is that they are a bad idea for most homeowners. The good systems tend not to be cost-effective and the mid- to low-quality systems cause more problems than they fix and will likely need to be removed after a year or two. Still, we recommend you do the math and find out for yourself:

1. Find out how much you spend on gutter cleanings For example, say you plan on retiring and moving elsewhere in 10 years. If your gutters need to be cleaned once a year and if they cost $160 per visit (the cost for an average home), that’s a total of $1,600. 2. Find the price of the leaf-filtration system Be sure to factor in the installation costs and the guaranties on each (if any). Add to this any regular gutter maintenance costs that remain once the LFS has been installed. (Warranties on these systems only promise that the gutters won’t clog. They don’t guarantee that rain won’t run over when leaves and needles cover the filters. This is a common problem. If you have one installed, just know that you will often still need to brush or blow off the debris). Then make sure to account for the time-value of money ($1,600 paid toward an LFS today is more expensive than $1,600 paid out for gutter cleaning in $160 annual payments). A high-quality LFS that really works and has a clog-free guarantee (like Leaf Filter) can cost thousands of dollars and will probably add no value to the home on the sale. A mid-quality system from a lesser-known company may cost less and may even come with a clog-free guarantee, but they don’t tend to work as well and look out for the hidden danger that the company may go out of business and will not be able to back its guarantee. Again, these add little or no value to the home upon installation. Low-quality systems, such a self-installed screening or cheap foam inserts can really save you a lot of money initially, but they tend not to work in the long run, give no guarantees, and they often have to be removed after a few years because they’ve created more problems than they’ve solved. 3. Make the comparison What’s the best overall decision for you? Most people, after running the numbers will find that a leaf filtration system will never add up. But for some, particularly those who intend to keep their home for many years and relatively little leaf fall around their home and great sun exposure, an LFS may be the way to go. Here are a few major brands to check out: Leaf Guard, Gutter Glove, and Leaf Filter. If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to send us an email.

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