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    Roof Cleaning Services Bellevue, WA

    Evergreen Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance Roof Cleaning Services

    Roof Cleaning Service Bellevue

    Leaving debris, fallen leaves and branches on the roof of your home not only causes your Bellevue house to look run-down but can also damage your roof — speeding up deterioration and the dreaded expense and hassle of a roof replacement.

    Curb appeal and roof preservation are reason enough to schedule an annual visit of  roof cleaner to your Bellevue home.
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    Why it’s Important to Have Your Bellevue Roof Cleaned

    As mentioned above, leaving debris to sit and decay on your roof will expedite the speed at which your roof breaks down and deteriorates. If your roof has been neglected for years, then it’s possible that you may need to replace it much sooner than expected.

    Replacing your entire roof is a lengthy and costly process that will greatly inconvenience you as a homeowner. To avoid this costly and time-consuming home repair, make sure to schedule at least an annual roof cleaner visit from a reliable Bellevue roof cleaning company.

    Other Services

    Evergreen Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance Roof Cleaning Services

    Here at Evergreen Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance, we have several different roof cleaning services for Bellevue homeowners. We understand that homeowner needs vary, so our goal is to help everyone find the perfect roof cleaning package for their unique situation.

    Some of our Bellevue roof cleaning services include:


    Bellevue Roof Cleaning: Option A

    This is our most basic Bellevue roof cleaning service and includes an air-blow to remove loose debris from your roof, moss treatments (a moss treatment is applied, usually zinc sulfate monohydrate, but the moss itself is not removed), gutter and downspout cleaning, and cleaning up any mess we’ve made in the process.


    Bellevue Roof Cleaning: Option B

    This option includes all of the services mentioned above, as well as a thorough brushing to remove the moss from your roof.

    bellevue roof washers

    Bellevue Roof Cleaning: Option C

    Option C includes a roof air-blow to remove debris, gutter and downspout cleaning, and washing moss from the roof using a high volume pressure washer (between 8 and 10 gallons per minute) at lower pressure. (Read all about how we lower pressure when cleaning roofs in the second Frequently Asked Question at the bottom of our main Roof Cleaning page.) Afterward, our team will clean up the mossy mess we’ve made from the ground and siding.


    Bellevue Roof Cleaning: Option D

    Our final roof cleaning service involves a soft wash to clean your roof and remove debris. Option D involves a pre-cleaning air-blow if necessary, gutter and downspout pre-cleaning, removing debris that has fallen from the roof to the ground, and a soak-down of your roof with a moss cleaning agent such as 30-Seconds Outdoor Cleaner. Please note this method doesn’t involve our team removing the moss, just killing it. If moss removal is needed, it may be best to go with Option B or C or an Option B/D combo.

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    Contact a Bellevue Roof Cleaning Service Today

    At Evergreen Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance, our well-trained roof care pros only use the best equipment and moss control agents to effectively clean your roof without doing damage to it, leaving it looking fresh and new. Give our team of roof-cleaning professionals a call today and experience the difference a clean roof can make in terms of curb appeal and roof longevity. 

    If you would like to schedule an appointment for one of our Bellevue roof cleaning services, contact Evergreen Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance today. You can reach us at 206-232-1266 or make an appointment using our online contact form.

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