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    The Evergreen Recurring Maintenance Program

    Signing on to our Recurring Maintenance Program ensures your home is consistently kept looking great with zero effort on your part.

    If you’d like to keep your home looking great, without having to remember to schedule each time, we highly recommend signing up for The Evergreen Recurring Maintenance Program. Through this program, your regular home exterior cleaning is put on automation: (1) You’re notified 3 days before service. (2) We charge your credit card at the time of service. (3) We email an electronic receipt after each visit.

    How to Get Started

    It’s this easy…

    Step #2

    Send the completed form to us by email ( or use the form below.

    Recurring Maintenance Kick-off Form

      Step #3

      Let us know you approve of our emailed proposal.

      Step #4

      Place your credit card on file through the “Pay Invoice” link in your emailed invoice.


      Will I have advance notice of your arrivals?

      Yes. We will send an email three days prior to each visit. On the day of the appointment, you will receive a phone call from the tech when he’s on the way. He will then knock and ring the bell upon arrival. If no one is home, the tech will proceed with the work.

      Do I have have to be home at the time of service?

      No. We’d love to see you, but you don’t need to be home because subscription work is always exterior only.

      Can I cancel or change an appointment?

      We will cancel or change appointments for emergencies.

      What if I want to cancel my Recurring Maintenance Program?

      Yes, you may cancel at any time. There is no penalty.

      Will I get a receipt after each visit?

      Yes, we will send you an electronic receipt after each visit.

      What about my interior window cleaning, moss removal, and pressure washing?

      All these and more can be ordered in the usual way through the office and we will still maintain our auto-email reminder for these services.

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