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    Recurring Maintenance Plans with Evergreen

    Put your Services on Auto-schedule.

    Take a load off your mind:

    • Choose your services and schedule
    • We do the work
    • You don’t have to be home

    With a Recurring Maintenance Plan, we clean the outside of your home throughout the year according to the schedule that works best for your home and budget. Once you set your recurring maintenance plan, you don’t have to think about calling or emailing each time you want service. We notify you before coming out and do the work during the months you want it done.

    Payment options are easy too. We take care of everything so you can have more time to focus on other things. If you ever need interior window cleaning (or another service you need to be home for), just call or email us.

    Popular Recurring Maintenance Plans


    • Spring and Fall
    • Exterior Windows
    • Skylights
    • Solar Panels


    • Four Season
    • Exterior Windows
    • Skylights
    • Solar Panels

    Roof Watchman

    • Spring and Fall
    • Roof Air Blow
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Moss Treatment

    The Evergreen Clean

    • Fall - Roof Air Blow, Gutter Cleaning, Moss Treatment
    • Winter - Exterior Windows, Skylights, and/or Solar Panels
    • Spring - Roof Air Blow, Gutter Cleaning, Moss Treatment, Gutter Face Cleaning, Pressure-Wash Driveway, Patios, and Walkways
    • Summer - Exterior Windows, Skylights, and/or Solar Panels

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      How to Get Started

      It’s this easy…

      Step #1

      Tailor-make the best recurring maintenance plan for your home and budget from this list, or choose from our popular plans:

      Auto-Schedule Services:

      • Windows (Outside Only)Clean exterior windows, including screen wipes. Skylights will be listed separately. Remove all organic material from the glass. Paint or other non-organic construction materials may be removed for an additional fee.
      • SkylightsClean exterior skylights.
      • Solar PanelsClean solar panels by non-abrasive deionized water-fed pole method.
      • Gutter InteriorsClean & service gutter interiors and downspouts, including ground clean-up. Debris will be deposited in the homeowner’s yard waste bin unless otherwise noted.
      • Gutter ExteriorsClean gutter exterior and fascia boards.
      • Roof Air Blow – Air blow debris from the roof, clean up mess from the ground, and place it in an on-site yard waste bin. NOTE: Air blow will not remove moss from the roof.
      • Roof Moss TreatmentAir blow the roof and treat for moss. NOTE: Powder may remain on the roof until rain dissolves (typically first rain).
      • Pressure Washing FlatworkPressure wash driveway, front walk, walkways, and/or patios.

      Step #2

      Let us know if you approve of our emailed proposal. This proposal will include:

      1. A basic annual schedule of your services
      2. Prices per item and per visit
      3. A caveat that allows us to adjust prices each year to keep up with inflation (not to exceed the change in the current Consumer Price Index for services in our area.)

      Step #3

      Let the Auto-Schedule commence!

      Here Are 5 Very Good Reasons to Auto-Schedule:

      1. Priority Service – We give priority to our Recurring Maintenance customers.
      2. Roof Care Vigilance – You can rest assured that someone always has eyes on your roof and gutters as we come to clean them on a regular basis. This decreases the risk of damage from moss and water. And if we do see any potential problems while we’re up there, we will let you know.
      3. Things Stay Clean – Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to see the dirt growing in our own home while neighbors and guests have no trouble at all seeing it. By setting up recurring home maintenance, we remove the burden of having to remember to email every time you need a good clean.
      4. No Contract – If you don’t like Auto-Schedule, you can end it at any time with no penalty.
      5. Easy Payments – We’ll bill you by email right after each service and you can pay securely through Jobber Payments by credit, debit, or bank transfer. You also have the option to save your card on file to be charged automatically for recurring work. And we send you an e-receipt every time.

      When Not to Auto-Schedule:

      There are some services you do need to be home for. These include interior window cleaningsiding soft washingroof moss removal, or anything you only want cleaned once in a while. And of course, you might want to be home to meet the tech doing the work–we understand that too. In these circumstances, we recommend scheduling as needed.


      What if it rains?

      Given Seattle’s average rain record of 156 days per year or 3 days a week, there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to rain on the day we come to clean your windows or soon afterward. This being the case, we don’t cancel for rain unless our technicians deem it unsafe. The most important thing you can do to keep your windows from spotting is to have your siding washed prior to window cleaning since the spots come from dust and dirt washing down from areas above the window.

      Will I have advance notice of your arrival?

      Yes. We send an email prior to each visit. On the day of the appointment, you will receive a phone call from the tech when he’s on the way. He will then knock upon arrival. If no one is home, the tech will proceed with the work.

      Do I have have to be home at the time of service?

      No. We’d love to see you, but you don’t need to be home because Recurring Maintenance Plans are always exterior only.

      Can I cancel or change an appointment?

      Of course, but please give us as much of a heads-up as you can (preferably more than 48 hours). Our guys lose income when they don’t work and it can be difficult or impossible to fill in work on short notice.

      What if I want to cancel my Recurring Maintenance Program?

      You may cancel at any time–there’s no penalty.

      Will I get a receipt after each visit?

      Yes, we will send you an electronic receipt after each visit.

      What about my interior window cleaning, moss removal, and pressure washing?

      All these and more can be ordered in the usual way through the office. We will still maintain auto-reminder emails for these services if you choose.

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