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    Professional Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance

    Serving the greater Seattle area for nearly 25 years, Evergreen Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance is committed to excellence in all we do for your home.

    Serving Greater Seattle, and Eastside

    Evergreen Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance has been uncovering home beauty since 1996. We clean gutters and downspouts, soft-wash home exteriors, pressure-wash hardscape, maintain roofs, and–of course–we clean windows. Our home office is in Shoreline, Washington and our field techs are based throughout Greater Seattle and Eastside. These techs are among the very best in the industry. They are smart, conscientious, highly motivated individuals with the training to work safely and efficiently on the trickiest of homes in almost any kind of weather.

    Recurring Maintenance

    Many of our busier customers like our Recurring Maintenance Program. This is a great way to take care of exterior home cleaning without having to remember to call. Others appreciate our regular email reminders. These allow customers to schedule at times they know they’ll be home. We work with homeowners and real estate agents preparing homes for sale. Property managers and HOA’s also like our ability to tackle large multi-family residential cleaning projects. We do these in a timely manner delivering the same high level of service we provide to all our customers.

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    What Our Customers Think

    Please take a moment to search reviews about us online. We have excellent ratings on every major review site, including YelpGoogleBBB, and Angie’s List. If you would like to go ahead and schedule a quote, please contact us and we will get back to you within one business day. Evergreen Window Cleaning holds a Washington business license as well as a general contractors’ license (now required by the state of Washington for pressure washing). We are also bonded and insured with both business liability and workers’ compensation.

    Our Customers Love Us

    Professional Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance

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    Window Cleaning

    Enjoy the beauty of a clear view. Evergreen Window Cleaning provides superior window cleaning services.

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    Gutter Cleaning

    There’s nothing like gutter cleaning to improve your curb appeal. Evergreen Window Cleaning will clear your gutters and downspouts of debris and polish the exterior of your gutters.

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    Pressure Washing

    Pressure washing can transform a dirty path into a beautiful walkway you can enjoy every day.  Plus walkways covered in moss or algae are hazardous for slipping and falling in the rain. Evergreen Window Cleaning will leave your deck, patio, or other hard surfaces clean as the day you put it in.

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    Roof Cleaning

    Climbing on your roof and removing debris is not only a pain, it’s also extremely dangerous. Evergreen Window Cleaning’s trained professionals will go through a process of safely cleaning your roof so you can have the peace of mind knowing it was done professionally and thoroughly.

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    Exterior Cleaning

    Driving up the driveway to a clean house is a great feeling. Because we live in the Pacific Northwest, it oftentimes feels like a luxury we cannot have, but Evergreen Window Cleaning’s trained professionals know how to safely clean your home exterior so you sit back and enjoy it.

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    Roof Moss Removal

    Moss is everywhere in Washington State. Unfortunately, that means it’s usually on your roof too where it can start to ruin your shingles. Evergreen Window Cleaning’s trained professionals will clean and rid your roof of all moss.

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    Professional Seattle Window Cleaning

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    Looking for ways to brighten your Seattle home’s indoor space, increase your curb appeal, and improve your overall mood? Schedule a date to have your windows professionally cleaned by a top Seattle window cleaning service and see how something so simple can have a big impact on your outlook.

    Since 1996, the window cleaning professionals here at Evergreen Window Cleaning have been helping Seattle residents and businesses keep their windows clean. From small single-family homes to large multi-family residential cleaning projects and businesses, we have the tools, crew, training, and experience to complete any job with excellence.

    A Reliable Seattle Window Cleaning Company Near You

    Here at Evergreen Window Cleaning and Home Maintenance, our team of professional window cleaners is ready to help you transform your home with sparkling window panes. Our techs are some of the best in the industry and aim for excellence in window cleaning so more Seattle homeowners can enjoy their homes.

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    Don’t let dust, grime, and dirt on your windows sully your outlook. Contact a top professional window cleaning service to give you cleaner windows and better views. We are Evergreen Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance. You can reach us at 206-232-1266 or request a quote.
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    Why Your Seattle House Needs Window Cleaning ?

    Window cleaning should be a regular part of your Seattle house maintenance. Having your windows cleaned by a professional window cleaning service regularly keeps your house brighter inside, your window panes sparkling, and it protects your glass from long-term damage due to oxidization and dirt-smudged scratches.

    How Often Should You Have Your Windows Cleaned?

    Most professional window cleaning services in Seattle recommend that you have your windows professionally cleaned at least once every six months, but quarterly or bi-monthly window cleaning seems best if you prefer to keep them clean throughout the year. If you are too busy to remember to call us, inquire about our Recurring Maintenance Program for your exterior window cleaning.

    What Are the Benefits of Having Your Windows Professionally Cleaned ?

    There are many benefits to having your windows professionally cleaned! Cleaning windows is hard work, time-consuming, sometimes dangerous. Having a professional clean your windows saves your back, gives you time for other important things, keeps you safe, and—since we get a LOT of practice cleaning windows—we will probably do a much better job. Clean windows also brighten your home, increasing your curb appeal, protect your glass from damage, and give you better views of your beautiful landscape and wildlife. And one final benefit…clean windows really make you feel better about the home you have.


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