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    Pressure Washing Services Seattle WA - A Reliable Seattle Power Washing Company You Can Trust

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    Pressure Washing Seattle WA

    Annual or bi-annual pressure washing should be an important part of your Seattle home’s maintenance. Not only does it instantly beautify your property and improve curb appeal, but it also keeps your walkways algae-free and safer for pedestrians.

    If you are looking for a professional Seattle pressure washing service, give Evergreen Window Cleaning and Home Maintenance a call today. We’d be happy to put you on our schedule and send our pressure washing team to visit your Seattle home.


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    Benefits of a Professional Seattle Pressure Washing Service

    If you are wondering why you should have your home professionally pressure washed, here are some of the main benefits of pressure washing.

    1. Pressure washing prevents rot damage from moss or mildew buildup.
    2. Routine pressure washing saves you money. When compared to the cost of having a surface replaced, it’s much more cost-effective to practice routine maintenance.
    3. Pressure washing makes your home clean and improves curb appeal.
    4. Pressure washing your home and driveway increases home value. This is especially important if you are planning on selling your home.
    5. Routine pressure washing helps keep your family and visitors safer from the serious slip hazard created by algae on walking areas.
    6. Pressure washing is also a good way to remove mold and mildew that could be affecting the health of your family.

    How Bad Pressure Washing Can Lead to Damage

    Bad pressure washing can lead to damage. Many surfaces shouldn’t be pressure washed at all and those that can be pressure washed should be cleaned with just enough pressure to get the job done but no more than that. Many Seattle homeowners wonder, “Can’t I just pressure wash my home myself? After all, if I rent or borrow a pressure washer, wouldn’t it be just as easy to wash my house and driveway myself?”

    While some homeowners are equipped with the knowledge to pressure wash their own home, not everyone understands the many variables of quality pressure washing. Failing to fully understand pressure washing variables and techniques could lead to serious home or driveway damage.

    For those without knowledge and training, we definitely recommend working with a professional Seattle pressure washing service.

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    What Surfaces Should be Pressure Washed?

    Here are some of the surfaces that benefit from attention from professional pressure washing services:

    • Driveways and walkways
    • Patios and pavers
    • Public sidewalks and curbs
    • Other brick, stone, aggregate, concrete, and metal surfaces

    Hire a Seattle Pressure Washing Service

    At Evergreen Window Cleaning and Home Maintenance, we take into account the many variables of pressure washing to produce the best results. Pressure (psi), volume (gpm), surface type, water temperature, different nozzles by type, degree, and orifice size,  various cleaning agents, weather, and access issues all contribute to safe and beautiful pressure washing. Our techs are trained to work with all these variables to offer the highest quality pressure washing services to Seattle homeowners.

    If your driveway and hard surfaces are dragging down your home’s appearance and safety, hire an excellent Seattle pressure washing company today. Contact Evergreen Window Cleaning and Home Maintenance today to schedule our pressure washing team to attend to your Seattle home.

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