9 September, 2022

If your roof accumulates buildup, you may need to consider a thorough clean. The best way to remove grime and residue is through low-pressure or no-pressure roof cleaning, though the two have their differences that are worth knowing. Call Evergreen Window Cleaning at (206) 636-1653 for optimal roof cleaning services in Everett, WA.


What Are No-Pressure Roof Cleaning And Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning?

Most pressure roof cleaning companies offer both low-pressure cleaning and no-pressure cleaning services.

What Is No-Pressure Roof Cleaning?

No-pressure roof cleaning, or chemical washing, is a water-free way to clean your roof. A chemical cleaning solution will saturate your rooftop and dissolve buildup. The solution must sit for at least one hour.

Homeowners typically prefer no pressure cleaning for its fast-acting solution and gentle mitigation. However, the chemicals in no-pressure cleaning services are not safe for all roofs, specifically structures made from natural materials. 

What Is Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning?

Low-pressure cleaning, or pressure cleaning, is a traditional form of roof cleaning that uses gentle pressure with water and chemical cleaners. The technician will spray the area with the solution and wash away dirt. After thoroughly spreading the cleanser, the technician will rinse the roof.

Customers opt for low-pressure roof cleaning for its higher intensity and easy-to-understand process. In addition, low-pressure roof cleaning is safe for all roofing materials.


No Pressure Roof Cleaning Pros and Cons

Both no-pressure and low-pressure roof cleaning have benefits and disadvantages. Review the pros and cons and consider what would work best for your roof. The professionals at Evergreen Window Cleaning can help you select the best cleaning services for your roof.

No Pressure Pros and Cons


  • Gentle on materials
  • Dissolves mold, mildew, and bacterial growth
  • Fast-acting
  • Do not make water mess/spill off of the roof
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for all roofing materials
  • Does not allow for organic cleaning solutions

 Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Pros and Cons


  • Can use any cleansing solution
  • Gentle on nearby plants and vegetation 
  • Easy to understand
  • Deeply penetrates material


  • Creates runoff over the side of the roof
  • More expensive than no pressure
  • May not dissolve all stains
  • May dislodge or damage shingles 


No Pressure Roof Cleaning vs. Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning

When debating pressure-free roof cleaning vs. pressure roof cleaning, you will need to understand how each works for you. Each service offers a unique solution for roof cleaning

What are the benefits of low-pressure roof cleaning?

Low-pressure cleaning is beneficial for effectively cleaning the roof. The low-impact rinsing and water usage make it safe for almost all roofs. In addition, some homeowners enjoy that it is a two-part service, one with the cleaning solution and the second for rinsing.

Likewise, those who prefer to use natural-based products will pick low-pressure washing. Due to the spreading of runoff, non-toxic cleaners are biodegradable. In addition, their gentle nature is safe for those with allergies and irritability to harsh chemicals as well as surrounding wildlife.

What are the benefits of no-pressure cleaning?

No-pressure cleaning is beneficial for the structural integrity of the roof. The lack of spraying and motion ensures that the roof will stay intact during cleaning. No-pressure roof cleaning is recommended by ARMA, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association.

Additionally, no pressure washing benefits homeowners with buildup, limestone, and algae growth. The chemical nature of no-wash cleansers easily dissolves bacterial issues and fungi. It is an ideal solution for those with a significant accumulation of grime. 


Which Is Better For Your Roof?

Ultimately, deciding which solution will depend heavily on your roofing material. If you have a roof made from natural materials, your roof will not hold up to a no-wash treatment. Active chemicals in no-wash may dissolve ecological materials like tile, slate, wood, terracotta, and clay. 

Standard asphalt roofs will hold up to either treatment, so the choice depends on the issue your roof faces. For mild cleaning or maintenance services, consider a low-pressure washing. However, if your roof requires a more powerful treatment, you may opt for a no-pressure cleaning. 

If you don’t know which treatment you prefer, the experts at Evergreen Window Cleaning can help. They will listen to your concerns, identify any issues, and offer expertise and guidance. 


Need Help With Your Roof Cleaning?

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