15 September, 2023

Do you want to kill moss on your roof but don’t know how? Hiring professionals for moss roof cleaning services ensures your roof is free from unsightly green patches that can lead to long-term damage. Keep reading to learn useful tips from roof cleaning experts. 


The Importance of Roof Moss Cleaning: Why It’s Essential for Your Home

Keeping your home’s exterior clean improves your property’s overall look and value. When moss, algae, or other natural elements start growing on your roof, your house looks neglected. Moss growth also has significant impacts on the roof’s structure. 

The plant holds high levels of moisture, which can then seep into your roofing materials. This can lead to a roof leak, shingle damage, and wood rot. Cleaning your roof at the first sign of moss will protect your structure for the long term. 


Step-by-Step Guide to Safely Removing Moss From Your Roof

Are you wondering how to clean the moss from your roof? Experts recommend first brushing off the debris with a broom. You can also use a scrub brush to loosen the plant and spray it off with a garden hose. 

Once most of the roof is moss-free, you should apply a commercial cleaner to destroy any remaining moss and prevent it from growing back. Household products like dish soap or baking soda and vinegar are also effective at killing traces of moss and keeping it off your roof. 


The Best Roof Moss Cleaning Products: A Review and Comparison

You may choose from various moss-cleaning roof products, but which ones are best? Consider your roofing material and select a cleaner that won’t be too harsh.

For example, flat roofs that use synthetic rubber membranes are more susceptible to wear and tear if you spray them with strong chemical cleaners. This material would be much better suited for an eco-friendly cleaning solution, whereas roofs that use metal, asphalt, or slate can resist chemical damage during the cleaning process. 

Chemical-based cleaners typically use the following to penetrate moss stains and growth:

  • Copper sulfate
  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Trisodium phosphate

Be mindful that these cleaning agents emit powerful fumes that could harm some of your nearby plants and vegetation if you don’t apply them carefully. Eco-friendly cleaners are generally safe for any home. Professional exterior cleaners understand which products will be the most effective for your roof. 


Eco-Friendly Moss Roof Cleaning Solutions

Do you want a safe and easy way to remove moss from your roof? Trying these eco-friendly solutions will help your roof look great without the risk of damaging the materials. Best of all, most of the products you can use are likely in your home already. 

Mix two ounces of gentle dish soap with a gallon of water, then apply with a sprayer onto your roof. Let the solution sit for 24 hours or until the moss appears brown or orange. Once the moss is dead, you can remove it with a broom and rinse the roof with a hose. 

Another easy option is to mix baking soda and water, then spray it on your roof’s mossy patches. It’s best to apply the mixture on a sunny day. After a few days, the baking soda will increase the pH levels enough to kill the moss. Brush off the dead moss, and rinse your roof clean. 

Finally, you can spray a solution containing one part vinegar and two parts water. Severe patches of moss may need direct vinegar instead of a diluted solution. The moss will dry out and die within a few days, at which point you may brush it off easily.


Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Moss Off Your Roof

Cleaning roof moss is a delicate process that can damage shingles if you don’t do it correctly. Experts recommend you avoid the following when cleaning your roof:

  • Using a pressure washer
  • Using dangerous chemicals
  • Over-scrubbing the shingles
  • Buying the wrong product for your roof type

Pressure washing your roof or scrubbing with a harmful cleaner can inflict severe damage. A professional contractor will use the right products and techniques to clean your roof so you can avoid structural damage and, in some cases, severe injuries. 


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