4 November, 2022

Do you wonder how to remove moss from the roof? Debris, such as sticks, leaves, and water, accumulates on roofs via wind currents and overhanging branches. Encouraged by a lack of sunlight, rooftop debris eventually transforms into thick green moss. 

Moss removal from your roof requires specific tools and techniques; continue reading below to learn the tips and tricks to mitigate mulish moss.


Roof Tiles Moss Removal: Steps and Things You Need 

The growth of moss occurs naturally, but our roof shingles should not resemble the forest floor. Luckily, roof moss does not require costly repairs or roof replacement. Roof cleaning companies offer moss removal services, and many DIY solutions and products for moss removal help make cleaning your roof easier.

Here are the basic steps to follow when removing moss from your roof. If you’d rather not tackle the task yourself, Evergreen Window Cleaning is happy to help with expert moss removal!

Step 1: Prepare the Space 

Wear durable clothes, non-slip shoes, and rubber gloves. Consider purchasing safety ropes from your local hardware store to prevent accidental falls from your roof. Cover the perimeter of your home with plastic sheeting to avoid plant life, siding, decks, or pathways from moss removal compounds. Double-check your ladder is secure, enlist a designated helper to ensure safe ascension to your roof, and begin moss removal. 

Step 2: Rinse the Roof with Water 

High-pressure pressure washers can easily damage roof tiles if you haven’t trained to use them properly. Instead, shower the rooftop moss with water using an ordinary garden house or spray bottle. Always spray water from the top of the roof to the bottom, ensuring proper water drainage from the roof and preventing standing water from damaging tiles and leaking into your attic. 

Step 3: Clean Up the Shingles 

Use a scrub brush to scour moss-covered roof tiles gently. Use short, gentle motions when scrubbing to prevent roof damage. Always clean in downward motions to avoid chipping and breaking delicate shingles or stripping them of coatings. For example, asphalt shingles contain mineral powder designed to protect your home from harsh UV radiation and weather hazards, while metal roofs often have anti-corrosion coatings.

Step 4: Use a Mose Remover 

Create an effective moss-removing solution by combining four ounces of dish soap with one gallon of water. Spray the moss remover on the moss and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. If using store-bought cleaning agents instead, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Step 5: Spray the Roof

Use a garden hose or spray bottle to rinse the moss remover off the roof. Use your brush to scrub the remaining moss and rinse the roof again. Now your roof should be moss-free, but if it isn’t, call Evergreen Window Cleaning to finish the job.

Moss Removal Equipment: 

  • Standard hose or garden sprayer
  • Latex gloves
  • Safety lanyard
  • Durable clothing
  • Non-slip shoes
  • DIY moss-remover or store-bought solution
  • Handheld cleaning brush 
  • Extended soft-bristle brush
  • Ladder


DIY Solutions & Products for Moss Removal

Moss growth lowers the curb appeal of your home and damages roofs. Fortunately, many DIY solutions and products eliminate moss effortlessly. Amazon and Walmart sell Lilly Miller Moss Out For Roofs and Structures, while your local hardware store should stock moss removal solutions. 

DIY moss removal solutions contain fewer toxins harmful to plants and animals. Dish soap and white vinegar mixed with water create an eco-friendly, effective moss-killing agent. Long-handled soft-bristle brushes offer excellent safety and effectiveness for removing moss from roofs.

Professional roof cleaning projects prevent severe risks of accidents and injury. Evergreen Window Cleaning offers professional roof cleaning services tailored to your specific needs. Servicing both commercial and residential properties, Evergreen Window Cleaning provides safe, practical solutions for stubborn moss growth. Avoid the risks of personal injury from cleaning your roof, and consider calling an experienced roof cleaning company. 


Moss Prevention On Your Roof 

Knowing how to remove moss from the roof begins with understanding moss. Moss loves shaded, moist environments and most commonly emerges in low-light areas, such as the north-facing sides of roofs. Trimming overhanging branches provides increased sunlight to deter moss growth. Regular gutter cleaning prevents moisture accumulation from nurturing moss growth and damaging your roof. 


Hire A Professional Cleaner Today! 

The professionals at Evergreen Window Cleaning know how to remove moss from the roof. With over 25 years of experience, Evergreen Window Cleaning offers you four unique roof cleaning services. Evergreen Window Cleaning’s expertly trained staff, friendly customer service, and state-of-the-art tools remove moss effortlessly. Contact Evergreen Window Cleaning at 206-401-7557 or visit us online at Evergreen Window Cleaning to request a quote today!