22 July, 2023

Few things take away from your roof’s visual appeal more than moss and bacteria growth. Moss can overtake a roof incredibly quickly, leaving it looking shabby and unattractive. Fortunately, our team at Evergreen Window Cleaning created a short guide on how to kill moss on roofs.


What Is a Moss, and What Kind of Impact Can It Have on Your Roof?

Moss is a flowerless plant that often grows in moist, shady areas. It produces spores and can attract various pests that most homeowners don’t want living on their properties.

Moss is much more detrimental to roofs than many homeowners realize. Not only does it taint your roof’s appearance, but it can also accelerate rot and loosen tiles, causing severe damage that costs more than a pretty penny to fix. It can also make your roof slick, making it extremely dangerous to walk on without taking roof safety precautions.


How to Remove Moss on Your Roof

Fortunately, learning how to kill moss on roofs isn’t too difficult once you understand the property methods. You can purchase a liquid or dry roof moss removal solution at your local home improvement store or create homemade moss killers with common household supplies.

To create homemade roof moss killers, combine the following in a relatively large container:

  • One gallon of relatively warm water
  • One teaspoon of vinegar
  • One pound of salt
  • Five to eight ounces of dish soap

Mix the ingredients together and put the solution in a large spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the moss and give it two to three days to dry. If done correctly, the moss will loosen from the roof and allow you to brush it away with minimal effort. 

You can also combine five gallons of water with three ounces of iron sulfate to create another solution.


Preventing Moss on the Roof

Although roof moss is relatively common, especially in Seattle’s damp climate, you can take measures to prevent growth. Use the tips below to learn how to prevent moss on the roof.

Remove Debris

Several forms of debris, like foliage and branches, can trap moisture between them and your roof, forming moss over time. Regularly removing debris from your roof will help prevent moss growth while increasing your property’s curb appeal.

Frequently Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are an important yet often overlooked aspect of your home roofing system. As leaves, twigs, and other organic materials accumulate inside the gutters, clogs form, causing water to spill onto your roof. Moss thrives in moist conditions, so keeping your gutters clean is a fantastic way to reduce growth.

Improve Ventilation

Improving your home’s ventilation system can increase airflow that extracts humidity, helping your roof stay dry. This will significantly reduce moss growth while providing other residential benefits. 

Trim Overhanging Tree Branches

Trees often cast shade over residents, giving moss a dark place to grow and thrive. Trimming overhanging branches will increase sun exposure while diminishing roof debris, making it difficult for moss to develop.


Benefits of Removing Moss on the Roof

Removing moss from a roof will dramatically improve your home’s appearance, ensuring it leaves a fantastic impression on guests and neighbors. It will paint your property in a positive light and will give you an attractive property you can take pride in.

Eliminating moss growth will also decrease roof damage and imperfections, saving you money on costly repairs. Moss can significantly reduce your roof’s integrity, making it less resilient to natural elements, harsh weather, strong winds, and more. Keeping your roof moss-free is a terrific roof damage prevention measure and ensures the rooftop stays robust and appealing for numerous years.


DIY Moss Removal vs. Hiring a Professional

Although handy homeowners can remove moss from their roofs themselves, it’s best to hire a professional to handle the task. Professionals have high-quality roof cleaning products and equipment that make moss removal swift and efficient. They also understand property techniques that eradicate moss without damaging your roof’s structure.

Many roof cleaning services also offer roof maintenance and will help you preserve your roof while eradicating unsightly mold colonies. Some will even provide advice on how to kill moss growing on a roof so you can keep your roof in immaculate condition year-round.


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