21 April, 2023

Whether you purchased your first home or you need a refresher, you should know how to winterize a house before cold weather arrives. Winterization involves implementing adequate protection and prevention for your entire home. Continue reading to learn how to fully winterize your house before a cold snap. 


FAQs Regarding Home Winterizing a House


When should I winterize my home?

You should winterize your home in late fall before extreme winter weather arrives. Service professionals can more easily work in calm, mild weather.


How can I keep my pipes from freezing?

You can keep your pipes from freezing with insulation sleeves and proper precautions when temps dip below freezing.


What happens to an unwinterized house?

An unwinterized house does not keep heat inside. Moreover, its appliances and systems can freeze or overwork, causing costly damage. 


How much does winterization cost?

Winterization costs between $200 and $300, depending on the size of your property.


At what temperature should you consider winterizing your home?

You should consider winterizing your home in a period of time when temperatures consistently stay in the 50s.  


Your Winterizing a House Checklist

Are you ready to learn how to winterize your home for maximum protection during the winter? The following “winterize house” checklist list will help you keep track of what you should do to fully winterize your home. By doing so, you’ll maintain lower energy bills, peace of mind, and comfort regardless of the weather. 


Cleaning the Roof

Start winterizing with professional roof cleaning services. Throughout the year, lots of debris falls and blows onto your rooftop, including:

  •  Branches
  •  Dirt
  •  Leaves
  •  Twigs

Once winter arrives, you can’t remove that debris until spring.

Rain and snowfall keep the debris moist all season long. This wet organic matter provides an excellent habitat for mold to flourish. Additionally, it can cause your roofing materials to rot. 

Preparing Gutters

After having your roof cleaned, hire professionals to clean out your gutters. As trees shed their leaves in the autumn, leaves slide from the roof and into your gutter. This excess weight can damage your roof and your home’s structure. 

Winterizing Windows

A big part of learning how to winterize a house involves winterizing the windows. Begin with professional window-cleaning services to remove debris from the mechanics and grime from the panes. This ensures your windows keep warm air inside and cold air outside. 


Other Important Tasks

Ensure these other integral systems and appliances are secure for the weather too.

Shelter the following outdoor items:

  •  Lawn furniture
  •  Grills
  •  Garden hoses
  •  Sensitive plants

Check on the following home systems:

  •  Perform maintenance on and cover your HVAC units if applicable.
  •  Insulate exposed pipes. 
  •  Let faucets drip in freezing temps.
  •  Clean the chimney.
  •  Inspect and insulate the attic.
  •  Contact pest control services to prevent bugs and rodents from sheltering indoors.


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