12 May, 2022

Double pane windows are a great way to reduce energy usage and insulate your home from noise pollution. However, double pane windows can fog up quickly and be challenging to clean if you don’t have the right tools. The answer to, “how do you remove the haze from a double pane window?” can be hard to find.

This is not to say that it is not possible! You just need more TLC to properly care for double pane windows to keep them sparkling and free from haze. Follow these tips on removing haze from double pane windows brought to you by Evergreen Window Cleaning, Seattle’s number one window cleaning company!

How Do Double Pane Windows Work?

Double pane windows have two glass panes set into a frame, with a pocket of air separating the panes. The pocket works as an insulator, slowing down heat transfer from the outside.

Double pane windows help improve a home’s energy efficiency. The additional pocket of air greatly reduces heat conduction, reducing the need to cool inside the house. Homeowners who have double pane windows enjoy a more comfortable environment, but also reduced energy costs.

Double Pane Windows: Haze Removal Solutions

While there’s no denying that double pane windows are a great addition to any home, they come with one disadvantage: the design allows haze to build up between the window panes. This is especially prevalent in areas with high humidity.

You have two options for how to remove fog from double pane windows: you can hire professional window cleaners, or you can remove the fog on your own.

Step 1: Consult Professional Window Cleaners

Cleaning double pane windows involve taking off the seal, cleaning each pane separately, replacing the panes in the frame, and resealing the structure. Doing these steps incorrectly can result in poor insulation within your double pane window. As a result, you will notice that it fogs up more often. If you don’t know how to remove haze from glass windows properly, it is best to hire a professional window cleaning service.

Calling in the team from Evergreen Window Cleaning will allow you to enjoy crystal clear double pane windows every time. However, if you have multiple double pane windows or live in a humid area, the window cleaning bills can add up quickly!

Step 2: Alternative/DIY

If you want to know how to remove fog in double pane windows, here is how to get rid of foggy windows in your house.

The first thing you need to do is remove the seal between the two panes. However, removing the seal can damage the panes if you don’t do it properly. Instead, you can drill a tiny hole in the corner of the window to gain access. Next, use a thin wire or a drain snake wrapped in a soft cloth to wipe the interior of the double-pane window carefully.

The main advantage of cleaning your own double pane window is that you’ll be saving money. However, you can easily damage your fogged window if you are careless. You might even have to replace the window if you crack the glass!

What are the Challenges of Cleaning Double Pane Windows?

If you decide to remove haze from windows by yourself, there are two main challenges you should know.

First is removing the seal without breaking the glass. This is easy if the seal is already loose. However, if the seal is still flush with the panes, you should carefully remove the seal.

Second is resealing the window after removing the haze. You need to purchase window sealant to reseal the window correctly.

Of course, you can avoid having to remove the seal and reseal the window by using a sharp drill bit to drill a hole in the glass. However, you also need a light touch for this because putting too much pressure can cause the glass to crack!

Tips to Fix Condensation Between Double Pane Windows

Here are some tips on how to remove haze from double pane windows:

  • Place a dehumidifier near the window to reduce the humidity inside the window.
  • Immediately remove any condensation on the outside surface of the window to reduce haze inside.
  • Make sure to repair any cracks or breaks to prevent condensation from building up inside your window.

Hire a Professional Window Cleaner Now!

Double pane windows are a beautiful addition to any home, and now you know how to remove haze from double pane windows safely. The best option is to hire a professional window cleaning service to perform the job efficiently and correctly. Seattle homeowners can rest easy knowing that Evergreen Window Cleaning is on the job! Call us today at 206-232-1266 to learn more about us.