20 January, 2023

Are you noticing streaks of dirt on your siding and wondering how to pressure wash a house? Before renting a pressure washer and potentially damaging the exterior of your home, contact your local pressure washing experts for superior service. Pressure washing experts provide high-quality pressure washing services at affordable prices.

Pressure Washing a House in 7 Easy Steps 

Pressure washing professionals use advanced tools and techniques to clean various surfaces. Pressure washers effectively remove rust stains, graffiti marks, and black mold from the exterior of your home with ease using seven steps:

1. Cover any nearby vegetation and secure any doors and windows 

Pressure washers use highly-pressurized water and cleaning agents to remove dirt, grime, and mold from the exterior of your home. To avoid damage to your landscape or interior of your home, always cover plants lining the perimeter of your home with plastic sheeting and secure all the doors and windows of your home. 

2. Prepare the cleaning solution for your home 

Avoid using harsh chemicals and bleach when forming cleaning solutions for your pressure washer. Mix warm water with mild pH cleaners to create an environmentally friendly, effective cleaning solution. Avoid cleaning agents with salts, high levels of VOCs, and butoxyethanol. 

3. Prepare for action by fitting the appropriate nozzle on your pressure washers

Many different nozzles are available for pressure washers. Low-degree nozzles, including 0°, 15°, and 40°, produce a fan-shaped stream of water to soft-wash fragile surfaces. High-degree nozzles remove stubborn chemical stains, rust, and paint marks from concrete.

4. Working in 10-foot wide areas, spray and scrub the siding from bottom to top

Clean the exterior of your home in sections. Apply the cleaning solution first to loosen the dirt and follow with spraying from your pressure washer. Avoid spraying windows, softwood surfaces, and vinyl tiles with the pressure washer unless you use soft-washing nozzles.

5. Please put on your safety glasses and pressure wash the scrubbed area to test it 

First, apply the cleaning solution. Then, put on safety goggles to protect your eyes and spray the exterior of your home with the pressure washer to test the quality of your cleaning system. 

6. Start at the top and work your way down, power washing the cleaned area 

Use sweeping motions to spray away dirt from the exterior of your home. Always spray from the top of your home to the bottom of your foundation.

7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 until the entire house is cleaned 

Repeat the above steps until your whole house is clean. If you notice areas of your home are still dirty, contact pressure washing experts for further assistance. 

When Should You Pressure Wash Your Home?

Avoid pressure washing your house in mid-winter or mid-summer. Heavy snowfall, freezing rain, or blistering hot days make pressure washing less effective. Break out your pressure washer at the beginning of spring or fall to make pressure washing your home as easy as possible and produce the best results.

Never attempt to pressure wash your home during a rain or hail storm. Always contact pressure washing professionals for all roof cleaning projects to guarantee high-quality results. Professional pressure washers hold valid business licenses and insurance to protect themselves from personal injury and your property from damage. 

Benefits of Pressure Washing A House 

Soap and warm water alone won’t remove wasp nests, black mold growth, or rooftop moss from homes. The highly pressurized water and special nozzles of pressure washers effectively remove countless stains from the exterior of homes. The many benefits of pressure washers include the following: 

  • Increased curb appeal 
  • Eradication of pest infestations
  • Rust stain removal 
  • Old paint removal 
  • Sparkling clean windows
  • Improved indoor air quality 

Things You Need To Know About House Pressure Washing 

The high pressure of pressure washers can damage asphalt shingles, vinyl roof tiles, painted surfaces, and much more. Avoid randomly spraying your pressure washer on your house, and always contact trained professionals to pressure wash your house. Failing to abide by safety measures or use the appropriate nozzle may result in moisture damage, cracked foundations, and damaged home siding. 

If you want a clean house without the hassle, leave your next pressure washing project to the experts. 

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