20 January, 2023

Your windows let natural light in and give you a great view, but dirty windows do neither. Have you wondered how to clean windows without damaging your window frames or spending hours on a ladder? Professional window cleaners undergo extensive training to avoid common mistakes when performing window cleaning services. 

The Most Effective Way To Clean Your Window Screens 

Avoid harsh cleaning agents with acid and salts when cleaning windows and screens. Window screens break easily and may tear if exposed to harsh chemicals. To make cleaning your window screen easier, take screens out of windows before cleaning. 

  • Step 1: Remove debris from window screens with a lint brush, vacuum, or dry cloth. Use gentle circular motions to remove dirt, grime, and dust from window screens. 
  • Step 2: Soak a sponge in lukewarm water and a mild cleaning solution. Cover the window screen with the cleaning solution, and use the sponge to scrub mold, mildew, and dust gently from the screen. 
  • Step 3: Allow the window screen to air-dry in a well-lit and ventilated area of your home. Attempting to dry the window screen with a towel may break your window screen’s plastic, fiberglass, and metal components. 

How to Clean Different Kinds of Glass

Many homeowners don’t realize that the experts use different techniques for glass cleaning. For example, tempered glass provides superior storm damage protection but remains susceptible to scratches and abrasions, so avoid harsh scrubbing. Ask your local window cleaning professionals about their experience cleaning different types of glass. 

Here’s a guide to cleaning different types of glass: 

Low-E Glass: Low-E glass, also known as low-emissivity glass, protects homes from infrared light and harmful UV radiation. The protective coating of low-E glass becomes damaged when you scrub it harshly or expose it to chemical cleaning agents. Use a microfiber cloth and mild pH cleaning agent to gently clean low-E glass windows. 

Annealed Glass: Annealed glass remains the most common glass used for home windows and doors. Experts recommend cleaning annealed glass with a warm water cleaning solution and a squeegee. Avoid using newspaper or rough cotton clothes to clean annealed glass windows. 

How Long Will Window Cleaning Take? 

Window cleaning projects take longer depending upon several factors. Many companies have the experience and tools to complete window cleaning projects in less than a day. 

Factors that affect the length of window cleaning include: 

  • Size of home
  • Number of windows
  • Condition of windows
  • Mold, mildew, and moss growth
  • Insect infestations
  • Weather conditions

To quicken window cleaning projects, consider scheduling professional window cleaning two times a year. Inspect your windows for signs of black mold growth, damage, and moisture damage before calling window cleaning professionals. 

How To Choose the Best Window Cleaners 

Window cleaning experts help homeowners clean windows effectively without the elbow grease that DIY cleaning requires. Many companies offer comprehensive window inspections, satisfaction guarantees, and upfront price estimates for window cleaning projects. Other qualities to look for when choosing window cleaners include the following: 

Insurance and Licensing 

Confirm the window cleaning experts you hire hold valid business licenses and insurance. A window cleaning company’s insurance protects their employees from personal injury and your home from property damage. You may ask for a copy of their insurance information before retaining their services. 

Reputation and Experience 

Explore online testimonials on Yelp and Facebook for more information about local window cleaning services. Customer reviews provide helpful insights about a window cleaning company’s results, pricing, and customer service. Many negative reviews left by dissatisfied customers about a company may be a sign to look elsewhere for window cleaning services. 


Some window cleaning companies complete projects as quickly as possible and do a poor job to maximize profits and minimize labor costs. Request quotes from multiple window cleaning companies and ask about fixed-price estimates. Also, ask your neighbors about the prices they paid for window cleaning services. 

Customer Service

No business succeeds without the support of loyal customers. If the window cleaning experts you contact put you on long holds, refuse to disclose insurance information, or aren’t respectful, look elsewhere for window cleaning services. 

Ready for Clean Windows?

Professional window cleaning services leave your windows looking more beautiful than ever before. Clean windows allow maximum natural light into your home and improve indoor air quality. 

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