20 April, 2022

High windows offer lots of natural light and can make a home look beautiful, but we often neglect to clean them because they are so tall. Not everyone knows how to clean second-story windows. While there are multiple ways to get them sparkling clean, it is crucial to consider how many windows need cleaning, your physical capability and access to the proper supplies, and the height of the dirty windows in question.

Benefits of Cleaning Windows

  • Improve the look of your home

Dusty, grime-covered windows prevent your home from looking as nice as it could be. Cleaning the dirt from your windows can go a long way in beautifying your home.

  • Increase the lifespan of your windows

Frequent maintenance of your windows means they will last longer and need fewer repairs and replacements. The same goes for all interior and exterior windows.

  • Reduce the number of allergens in your house

Dirty windows can trap allergens that lead to coughing, sneezing, and sickness. Prevent these issues by regularly cleaning your windows, and you’ll breathe better with cleaner air.

  • Recognize window issues early on

The easiest way to detect issues with your windows is to get up close to them for cleaning. If you never clean them, you might never see cracks, mold, or other issues.

  • Prevent insects and pests from taking residence in your house

The last thing you want is insects and pests cropping up in your home. Don’t let uncleaned windows be the reason pests stay behind. Prevent them from getting comfortable in the grime.

  • Avoid the dangers that come with shattered windows

In addition to being safety hazards, shattered windows bring in unwanted harsh weather and visitors, so catch those cracks early!

  • Ensure the security of your house all year

Invest in your home’s security and prevent break-ins by cleaning your windows.

How to Clean Second-Story Windows

While a step-stool or ladder can get you higher to clean your windows, it is unnecessary. Consider the following tips for window cleaning and see what might work best for you.

Making Use of Magnetic Squeegees

Magnetic squeegees allow for the cleanest results with the least amount of streaking. These are also great because their magnetic design cleans both sides of a window, cutting cleaning time in half.

Cleaning Sash Windows from the Inside

Sash windows are often easier to clean due to their removable panels. You can take out the individual panels and clean them in a more convenient place.

Making Use of a Ladder

When considering washing second-story windows, your first thought might be to grab a ladder. This can help reach high windows, but be sure to have someone with you to hold the ladder.

Cleaning Sliding Windows from the Inside

When cleaning sliding windows, you should vacuum the tracks to remove any trapped dirt. 

How to Wash High Windows without a Ladder

Pressure Washing

  1. Fill a pressure washer with concentrated cleaning liquid to soap up the windows. Be sure to set the pressure low enough to avoid shattering the windows.
  2. After cleaning it out, refill the pressure washer or use a hose to rinse off the soap.
  3. Dry as desired with a microfiber cloth or naturally in the sun.

Brush with a Long Handle

  1. Soap up a long-handled brush with cleaning liquid.
  2. Clean your windows and rinse with a clean brush or hose.
  3. Place a dry microfiber cloth over the long-handled brush to wipe dry.

Clean Windows from the Inside

A pressure washer is not for indoor use, but a brush with a longer handle should work fine. You can use it to get the length you need to reach your windows. If you’re worried about creating puddles, lay some towels below the windows.

Why Hire Professional Window Washers?

You may be able to clean your windows yourself with some of the above techniques, but experienced professionals know how to wash tall windows best. Don’t gamble with your safety when our trained professionals can properly assist you and prevent potential injuries.

Require Assistance in Cleaning Your Outside Windows?

Even if you think you know how to wash high windows without a ladder, you still may not feel entirely comfortable taking on the job yourself. Maybe you’re afraid of heights or worried about damaging your property. Don’t worry. Evergreen Window Cleaning has the experience and results you need, so call us today at 206-888-6690.