28 October, 2022

Gutters are an essential part of your home. They transport water away from your residence during heavy rainstorms, preventing potential water damage that costs more than a pretty penny to fix. However, dirty and clogged gutters can’t carry rainwater efficiently, leaving your home susceptible to costly water damage.

Fortunately, Evergreen Window Cleaning is here to teach you when to clean gutters and how to improve their efficiency.


Signs That Your Gutters Need Cleaning

Figuring out when to clean gutters isn’t always easy. However, once you know what to look for, you can protect your home’s integrity while increasing its overall visual appeal. Below are some common signs that your gutters need cleaning.

1. Animals and Pests in The Gutters

Animals and pests often take shelter in dirty gutters and can overtake a residence rather quickly. They make nests in the excess debris and often cause infestations that reduce your home’s integrity, curbside appeal, and more. Although numerous animals can infiltrate your gutter system, the most common gutter pests include:

  • Birds
  • Possums
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Snakes

If you notice animal nests in your gutters, contact a professional gutter cleaning service for immediate assistance. They will eradicate the pests and clean your gutters to prevent future infestations.

A professional service can also install gutter guards to prevent unwanted animals from entering your gutters. They are relatively affordable and will drastically reduce pest infestations.

2. Plants Growing on Your Roof

Plants often grow in gutters when excess soil accumulates in the system. Failing to remove the soil promptly often leads to troublesome clogs and blockages while enhancing vegetation growth. You must remove dirt, plants, and other debris from your gutters as soon as you notice flora growing in the system.

3. Signs of Staining and Mildew

Unsightly stains and mildew growth doesn’t just deplete your home’s visual allure. They can also take a toll on your residence’s integrity, causing significant damage, foul-smelling odors, and potential health concerns. You must clean your gutters as soon as stains and mildew form to ensure your home remains in pristine condition.

4. Your Roof Is Leaking

A leaky roof is one of the most evident and problematic signs of a dirty gutter system. Clogged gutters can’t transport rainwater away from your home, causing worrisome leaks that jeopardize your home’s structure. Performing routine gutter maintenance will diminish the chances of roof leaks.

5. The Water Is Overflowing on The Sides

Figuring out when to clean gutters is sometimes as easy as looking at them. Overflowing gutters indicate blockages that can adversely affect your property. They can damage your home’s structure and create potentially hazardous mold and mildew colonies along your residence’s exterior.

6. You Haven’t Clean Them Out in a Long Time

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your gutters is an essential part of homeownership. Try creating a monthly gutter cleaning schedule to ensure your system remains in optimal condition.


Harm Clogged Gutters May Cause

Clogged gutters are more detrimental to your home than you might think. Although they can damage numerous areas of your home, they often wreak havoc on the following areas.

The Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are thin panels that run along the lower part of your roof and prevent water damage during heavy rainfall. Dirty, overflowing gutters can deteriorate your home’s fascia boards and leave it vulnerable to excess moisture.

The Foundation

Dirty gutters can’t move rain to a safe location during storms, causing it to gather along your home’s foundation. The excess rainwater will decay the foundation and decrease the home’s integrity.

The Landscape

Many homeowners plant flowers and bushes along their home’s perimeter. Overflowing gutters push excess water onto the vegetation, potentially damaging or overwatering them over time.


When Do The Gutters Need To Be Cleaned?

Gutters need routine cleaning to function optimally year-round. It’s best to clean them once or twice a month to prevent buildup that could adversely affect your home. You can also hire a professional gutter cleaning service to handle the process if you want to ensure your gutter system receives a superior cleaning.


Choose Evergreen Window Cleaning for Your Gutter Cleaning Services

Evergreen Window Cleaning is Seattle, WA’s source for professional gutter cleaning and associated services. We can teach you when to clean gutters to ensure your home’s gutter system functions optimally during the heaviest rainstorms. If you want your gutters to be the best they can be, contact Evergreen Window Cleaning.

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