22 October, 2021

The cost of gutter cleaning in the Greater Seattle area varies based on a range of factors. Reach out to our friendly experts at Evergreen Window Cleaning for a free quote at (206) 502-4525 or read on for more information on what goes into gutter cleaning cost estimates, the benefits of regular gutter cleaning, and more.

Reasons Why Gutters Need to be Cleaned Regularly

If you find yourself wondering if the cost of gutter cleaning services is worth it, here are a few reasons gutter maintenance is so important:

Properly Cleaned Gutters Protect Your House

A gutter serves to direct water off your roof quickly and away from your home’s foundation. Regular cleaning ensures your gutters work as intended.

A Clean Gutter Keeps the Bugs at Bay

Gutter clogs mean slow-moving or stagnant water—the perfect environment for pests to breed. These same pests may make their way into your home.

Clogged Gutters Can Ruin Your Landscaping

Clogged gutters can also lead to overflow, causing water to pour down on carefully landscaped areas. This overwatering can lead to soil erosion and root rot, potentially killing many plants.

Gutter Cleaning Costs: The Rule of the Thumb

A man's hand picking dirt and cleaning in the gutter

Back to the question at hand—how much does it cost to clean gutters? The cost to clean gutters in the Seattle area generally ranges from around $150 to $350. Where your home falls in this range will depend on a few factors. Let’s review the cost of gutter cleaning in common situations.

Costs Based on House Height

Because the number of stories your home has will affect how easy it is to clean your gutters, gutter systems in taller homes tend to cost more to clean. Here are some rough averages based on house height:

  • One-story home: $152
  • Two-story home: $197
  • Three-story home (or more): $340

Downspout Installation Cost

You can expect to pay around $5-10 per installation for new downspouts.

DIY vs. Finding a Professional

Some people wonder if they can save money cleaning their own gutters. After factoring in the price of ladders, cleaning supplies, and time, many homeowners find it is cheaper to hire a gutter cleaning service—it’s also safer.

Gutter Cleaning Prices Per Foot

You can expect to pay around $1 per linear foot for a single-story home in the Greater Seattle area and $2 per linear foot for two-story homes.

Costs Depending on Gutter Size

Generally, gutter cleaning companies charge by the linear foot, not the size of the gutter itself.

Gutter Cleaning Cost Formula

You can estimate gutter cleaning prices with a simple equation:

Linear feet of gutter x a set multiplier

The multiplier you use depends upon the size of your house. For single-story homes, the multiplier is one. For homes with two or more stories, use two as a multiplier. You can also substitute the square footage of your home for linear gutter footage. In this case, change your multipliers to $0.40 for one story and $0.80 for multiple stories.

Key Factors that Affect Gutter Cleaning Prices

While house height and gutter length are the two most significant points, other factors also affect gutter cleaning costs. Here is a full list:

  • Linear Feet: The more linear feet of gutter, the higher the cost.
  • House Height: Prices increase with house height.
  • Seamed vs. Seamless Metal Gutters: Different types of gutters generally have the same average cost, but it costs more to repair seamless gutters.
  • Gutter Size: You may face higher charges if your gutters are irregularly sized.
  • Condition: Damaged gutters or those with severe clogs may cost more to clean.
  • Downspout Installation: Downspout installation is an extra service and will increase costs.
  • Accessories: You may have to pay more if you want or need additional services, such as crack repair.
  • Applicable Installation Discounts: Some gutter cleaning companies offer discounts.
  • Travel: You may be charged a travel fee depending on where your home is and where the gutter cleaning service you call is based.
  • Equipment: The technology your contractor uses will affect how long it takes to get the job done and so the cost of the job.
  • Demand: Some companies raise their rates in periods of high demand, such as in the fall.

Gutter Cleaning Inclusions

The cost of gutter cleaning typically includes:

  • The removal of debris and dirt
  • Repairs for seals and fasteners
  • Maintenance for downspouts and gutter guards

Keep these services in mind when considering how much to clean gutters.

Why Hire a Professional Gutter Cleaner?

With the question of how much does gutter cleaning costs answered, you may be wondering why you should hire a professional to do the work. Hiring a professional can save you money in the long run, as improperly cleaned gutters can result in property damage.

Cleaning your gutters on your own also inherently poses safety risks, especially if you don’t have the right safety equipment. Speaking of equipment, when you hire a professional gutter cleaner, you also don’t have to worry about buying equipment or storing it afterward.

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