10 March, 2022

Cleaning windows without streaks is a breeze with Evergreen Window Cleaning!

Having clean windows is essential. However, knowing how to clean windows without streaks can be a huge challenge. That’s why when Seattle homeowners and business owners want streak-free windows, they turn to Evergreen Window Cleaning.

Reasons for Window Streaking

There are different causes for window streaks, ranging from not having the right equipment to choosing the wrong day to clean.

Excessive Use of Cleaning Solution

Using too much cleaning solution can cause streaks. Additionally, stay away from glass cleaners with ammonia. 

Wrong Equipment

Having the wrong equipment is also an issue. Cleaning professionals commonly use mops, sponges, squeegees, and scrapers. 

Hard Water

Hard water contains high amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals can leave calcium deposits or limescale, causing streaks. 

Wrong Day for Cleaning

Avoid sunny days for cleaning windows. Instead, opt for cloudy days. 

Equipment Requirement

Having the right equipment will help eliminate streaks.  


A simple sponge can make a huge difference. This solution is great when you don’t have many windows.

Liquid Dish Soap

Mix two gallons of water with a teaspoon of dish soap to expertly clean your windows. 


Having wipes handy is essential for making windows shine. While a lint-free microfiber cloth is recommended, an old newspaper can work, too.

White Vinegar

When you have large or hard-to-reach windows, mix a solution of ten parts water and one part white vinegar. 

Dish Soap

Use solid dish soap instead of liquid dish soap to reduce waste. 


A bucket is essential for mixing. Remember to change it when the water gets dirty. 


Mix one part 70% rubbing alcohol with three parts water in a bucket for an effective cleaning solution. 

Spray Bottle

Having a spray bottle handy will help you apply your homemade solution. 

What Is the Best Way to Clean Windows without Streaking?

After having the right equipment, follow the right steps to know how to wash windows without streaks. 

Step 1: Combine the Natural Cleaner and Water

Your first step is to combine your natural cleaner with water. Depending on the project, you may be mixing your solution in a bucket and/or spray bottle. 

Step 2: Spray the Window Panes

Start by spraying your window panes or applying the solution. Don’t apply too much solution, but thoroughly cover the entire area. 

Step 3: Squeegee Away

After thoroughly applying the solution to your window panes, it’s time to get your squeegee. Start from the top and make your way to the bottom. Avoid dripping by wiping your squeegee’s edge clean after each swipe. 

Step 4: Wipe with Cloth to Dry

Lastly, finish off with a cloth to dry the area. After following these steps correctly, your windows should be free of streaks! 

Additional Tips

There are some additional tips you can follow that will help you know how to clean glass windows without streaks.

Tip 1:  Remove Blinds and Curtains Before Cleaning

These will only get in the way and can make the job more frustrating. 

Tip 2: Go from Top to Bottom

This will make the process easier and can help you avoid issues such as dripping. 

Tip 3: Use Distilled Water

Tap water often contains chemicals and minerals that can leave streaks. Avoid this with distilled water. 

Tip 4: Use Homemade Solutions

Although there are some commercial solutions that you can use, homemade solutions are often cheaper and more effective. 

Tip 5: Wipe Away Excess Cleaner

Don’t be afraid to take the time to wipe away excess cleaner. When it comes to cleaning windows, sometimes less is more.

Tip 6:  Choose the Right Time

Choosing the right time is vital. Not only should you wait for the right weather, but you should also wait for when you have the day off or a couple of hours or more to accomplish the job. 

Why Should You Hire a Professional Window Washer? 

To truly ensure that your windows will be streak-free, hiring a professional window washer is recommended. They will have the tools and expertise to get the job done. They know the best way to clean outside windows and indoor windows. 

Additionally, when you work with Evergreen Window Cleaning, our team can check your windows for other issues. 

Evergreen Window Cleaning – We Know What We’re Doing

Serving the Seattle area for over 25 years, our team at Evergreen Window Cleaning is confident in its ability to help. Our wide bevy of services includes getting your home or business’s windows free from streaks.

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