14 August, 2021

If you’re new to the window world, you’re probably asking yourself what windows would fit perfectly in your new sunroom or which types are the easiest to maintain. For many, the answer is simple: vinyl windows! These low-maintenance and cost-effective alternatives to other window types (like aluminum) can remain in mint condition with the right care, providing more than 20 years of added appeal to your home. 

Below, we’ll discuss how to clean vinyl windows and where you can find assistance for this project. 

Cleaning Vinyl Windows

You should clean your vinyl windows at least two times a year or call on a professional to detach, clean, and reinstall your windows for you. 

If you are wondering how to clean vinyl windows, first, pay attention to the cleaning products you use. Exposing your windows to abrasive products can ruin your glass. Avoid products like: 

  • Harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia
  • Rough cloths that can scratch window surfaces
  • Furniture polish

Instead, turn to products like:

  • Soft microfiber cloths or sponges
  • Baby soap or vinegar mixed with water
  • A vacuum for debris on the window 

How to Clean the Frames and the Inside of Vinyl Windows 

Vinyl windows consist of plastic frames that can put up a fight against harsh conditions but will inevitably show some damage if not taken care of properly. 

When cleaning vinyl window frames, you shouldn’t wipe down frames that have specks of dirt or debris until you’ve had a chance to vacuum up the particles. Otherwise, you’ll risk rubbing these abrasive particles into the frame’s surface, creating irreversible scratches. You can even down the window panes, gently rinsing them off with a hose.  

Next, it’s time to clean the frames and wash the inside of the vinyl window with a gentle cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning liquid. You can use either a special vinyl window cleaner or a mixture of your own. We suggest mixing one gallon of water at room temperature with 1½ cups of white vinegar and some lemon juice to mask the smell. 

Wipe down the glass first, and then, starting at the top, wipe down the frame with the mixture. Dry it afterward with a cloth to prevent streaks or residue. Now, let’s move on to the exterior. 

Exterior Vinyl Window Cleaning Tips 

The process of cleaning vinyl window exteriors is pretty much the same as that of interiors. This means extracting the window and the panes if possible, vacuuming up excess dirt and grime, and rinsing the exterior off with water before applying a cleaning solution to the vinyl window. Finish off by rinsing the excess soap or vinegar off with water and drying it with a sponge or cloth to avoid streaks. 

Steps for Cleaning Vinyl Windows 

If you’re looking for the best way to clean vinyl windows, follow these directions to get squeaky clean and protected vinyl windows:

  • Conduct a check-up: Take note of issues your windows may have, including cracks and mold. Constant debris on the interior of the vinyl window may mean the elements are seeping in. You may need to seal or weather-strip the window. 
  • Remove parts for cleaning: Takedown the screens and sashes on the window, followed by the window and frames. 
  • Take care of extra particles: Remove abrasive particles by vacuuming the window surface and frames, lightly wiping the tracks with a lubricant. 
  • Commencing with the washing: Wash the interior and exterior of the vinyl windows with clean water. Next, using a delicate solution, apply it to the glass first. Then, working from the top down, apply it to the frame. 
  • After washing: Rinse off the solution with water and wipe dry immediately.
  • Cleaning a dirty screen: Giving your vinyl windows a proper clean means attending to the screens as well. Place them under a light-pressured water stream and scrub with a soft-bristled brush. 
  • Reassembling: Replace the windows and the frames, followed by the screens and the sashes. Check to make sure the sashes move smoothly and that you’ve secured the window in place. 

Hire a Professional Vinyl Window Cleaner from Evergreen Window Cleaning 

Although knowing how to clean vinyl windows isn’t the biggest home improvement project you’ll encounter, it’s not always a task you can get around to doing. That’s why you should count on Evergreen Window Cleaning Professionals to bring the Seattle sunshine back into your home. By calling 206-309-4349, you’re signing up to be the new envy of your block. Contact us today!