23 February, 2023

Have you ever wondered, “how much does gutter cleaning cost?” Gutters protect your home from moisture damage, water buildup, rooftop moss growth, and much more. Professionally cleaned gutters raise the value of your property, prevent basement and attic flooding, and protect your landscape and soil from oversaturation of water. Let’s explore how much you can expect to pay for gutter cleaning and what factors affect the cost.


Considerations for Gutter Cleaning Cost Calculation

Before hiring the first contractors to offer you speedy results and low prices, consider the many factors that affect the cost of gutter cleaning services. The size of your home, available budget, and geographic location impact how much you’ll pay. You should expect to pay at least $0.080 per foot for all gutter-cleaning projects. 

To reduce the cost of gutter cleaning services, consider cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. Regularly cleaned gutters require less labor and equipment, saving homeowners hundreds of dollars. Many gutter cleaning companies offer reduced rates for bi-annual scheduled cleanings. 

Always measure the entire length of your gutters before hiring professional cleaners. Accurate measurements of your gutters prevent dishonest companies from overcharging for gutter cleaning services. Confirm the company you hire holds valid business licenses and insurance to cover unexpected injuries and property damage. 


Factors That Affect the Price of Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning prices vary by state, company, and region. For example, the cost of gutter cleaning services tends to be higher in affluent areas. For Washington State residents, gutter cleaning costs land squarely in the middle at around $200 to $400. 

Consider the following factors that affect the price of gutter cleaning: 

Gutter Size

Small homes with small gutters cost much less to clean than duplexes or multi-story homes.

The Number of Stories

Gutter cleaning prices increase for multi-story homes with extended square footage of gutters.

Condition of Gutters

Annual cleaning of your gutters reduces the cost of gutter cleaning services and extends the lifespan of your gutters. 


Companies charge more for gutter cleaning on roofs with steep slopes. The 4:00 average slope of a residential property prevents gutter cleaning services from increased liability, risk of personal injury, and using special safety equipment. 


Labor costs increase if you fail to clean your gutters regularly and own a multi-story property with many gutters.


Snowy, wet, and icy conditions make gutter cleaning riskier and less effective. Schedule your next gutter cleaning for early fall or late spring to reduce the cost of gutter cleaning services. 


Gutter cleaning costs may depend on whether you live in a small town or a big city. Gutter cleaning services tend to be higher in densely populated cities. 


To provide high-quality gutter cleaning services, professional cleaners need easy access to your gutters. If tree branches are blocking the gutters, you may pay more for the inconvenience.

Maintenance Schedule 

The less dirt and leaf buildup in your gutters, the faster they are to clean, which costs less. Schedule bi-annual cleaning of your gutters to avoid costly gutter cleaning, repair, and replacement services. 


How Much Does Professional Gutter Cleaning Cost? 

Gutter cleaning costs depend upon the factors outlined above, but there are some general price ranges you can expect to pay. Generally, gutter cleaning services cost anywhere from $300 to $900 depending on the size of your home, the condition of your gutters, and the current weather conditions. Washington State residents pay some of the lowest prices in the country for gutter cleaning services. 

Speak to your local gutter cleaning experts for more information about financing options, satisfaction guarantees, and upfront cost estimates. 


Is the Cost of Gutter Cleaning Affected By the Season? 

The cost of gutter cleaning depends heavily on the season. Winter gutter cleaning projects require special footwear and safety harnesses to protect employees from slippery roofs. Save money by planning your next gutter-cleaning project during the spring and summer. 

Heavy snowfall and blustering winds prevent gutter-cleaning experts from safely accessing your gutters. If you must conduct gutter cleaning in the winter, always clear away snow from the perimeter of your home and sprinkle de-icing agents on walkways. Gutter cleaning professionals appreciate homeowners who help them safely access gutters in the winter. 


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