23 September, 2021

Whether you’re welcoming guests to your home or potential clients into your business, your windows are the first feature that newcomers see. Sparkling clean windows guarantee a positive first impression.

The commercial window cleaning process isn’t always as easy as it seems. Our team of experts at Evergreen Window Cleaning created this guide to professional window cleaning at work or home to streamline the process.


Importance of Properly Cleaning Your Windows

Crystal-clear window cleaning requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and experience. However,

many people try to rush the job or use the wrong combination of cleaning tools and solutions.

Properly cleaning your windows is critical to remove dust, dirt, and grime from the glass. If you don’t use the proper cleaning system, your glass could sustain permanent moisture or dirt buildup damage. In addition, dirty windows reduce the amount of natural sunlight in your home or office, resulting in darker, less inviting spaces.


Window Cleaning Tools

If you notice that your windows have developed a thick coating of dirt and grime, it may be time for a thorough cleaning. Before getting started, gather your window cleaning tools, including:

  •   Bucket: Make sure that your bucket is big enough to hold a substantial amount of water to minimize trips to the tap. In addition, ensure that your squeegee and mop fit into the bucket for easy rinsing.
  •   Mop: Also known as a “washer” or “wand,” a window-cleaning mop features a fixed or swivel handle, a t-bar, and a cleaning sleeve, which you can use to scrub away layers of grime.
  •   Squeegee: Squeegees easily remove excess water from the window, reducing streaking and spotting.
  •   Scraper: Finally, use a metal scraper to eliminate paint stains, varnish splatters, or bug marks.


Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning Tips

1. Don’t Forget to Hydrate Yourself First

Dehydration is a significant concern for both professional window cleaning services and DIY window washers. Drink plenty of water and avoid cleaning at the hottest time of the day to prevent temperature-related injuries.

2. Use the Right Equipment

Using improper equipment can turn a quick cleaning job into an ongoing hassle. Purchase high-quality tools from a home improvement store before getting started and store them carefully when finished.

3. Start from the Inside: Clean the Blinds

Both residential and commercial blinds can gather a substantial amount of dust. Use a microfiber cloth or duster to remove grime and keep your windows looking clean and clear.

4. Look for a Streak-Free Window Cleaning Solution

No one likes a streaky window. To avoid the frustrating final result, choose a streak-free cleaning solution.

5. Use the Right Squeegee Technique

When you use a squeegee, pause to let the excess water runoff from the blade. Moving too quickly can create splatters on your glass.

6. Use a Sea Sponge

Opt for a sea sponge to wipe water from your window sills and frames before squeegeeing.

7. Don’t Use Too Much Soap

Less is more, especially when it comes to window cleaning. Otherwise, excess soap will dry quickly and leave a film on your windows.

8. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct often results in streaks or spots, so keep a close eye on the sky while washing your windows to minimize streaking.

9. Use a Razor Blade on Windows

Razors blades make it easy to remove dried-on debris, paint, and other tough contaminants.

10. Apply Final Touches

Finally, use a dry microfiber cloth to apply final touches to your windows.


9 Frequently Asked Questions

How often should commercial windows be cleaned?

Plan to clean your commercial windows at least once a year. If you have long winters, you may opt for biannual cleanings. Those in warm climates may prefer quarterly or monthly cleanings.

Can you wash windows in the winter?

No. Washing your windows in the winter can result in cracking and streaking, so avoid cleaning the glass in below-freezing weather.

Can you wash building windows in winter with windshield washer fluid?

No, you shouldn’t wash your windows with windshield washer fluid. Your car’s engine warms the liquid, which prevents your windshield from cracking.

How do you remove hard water spots from windows?

Use an acid-based cleaner to remove hard water spots.

Can windows be pressure washed?

You can pressure wash your windows, but high pressure can damage the seals. We recommend using another cleaning method.

What is the best thing to use to clean windows?

Our team at Evergreen Window Cleaning recommends a mixture of Dawn dishwashing soap or vinegar and distilled water to clean your windows. You can add rubbing alcohol to speed up the drying process.

What is the best homemade window cleaning solution?

The best homemade window cleaning solution varies based on your preferences. That said, many homeowners and business owners turn to a combination of distilled water and vinegar or dish soap to clean their windows.

Is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

Newspapers work well for cleaning windows, though they aren’t highly absorbent. We suggest using a microfiber cloth instead.

How much does it cost to clean commercial windows?

Commercial cleaning costs range from $2 to $4 per pane of glass, based on your location and the size of your building.


Benefits of Having Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Commercial window cleaning boosts the mood in your home or business, improves natural light, and may even reduce allergens. Other benefits of professional window cleaning services include:

  •   Longer lifespan for your windows
  •   Reduced mold growth
  •   Fewer bugs and pests
  •   Less window damage
  •   Improved safety and security
  •   Enhanced interior and exterior appearance


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