27 May, 2021

Knowing how to clean double pane windows is a question that has come up much more often as many homeowners invest in the energy-saving benefits of double pane windows.

But if your double-pane window is looking foggy or dirty, it can spell trouble if it’s not taken care of quickly and properly.


cleaning double paned windows


How to Clean the Inside of a Double Pane Window

A double-pane window is a window that uses two separate pieces of glass with an airtight seal in between them. When the airtight Seattle functions correctly, it acts as an insulator — locking the air in.

However, if the seal becomes damaged, trouble will begin to manifest. You may not be able to see outside clearly, and your windows will not be letting in as much light as usual.

Because there are two separate panes of glass, cleaning double paned windows can present a bit of a challenge.

While we always recommend using a professional window cleaning services to clean your windows (double paned or otherwise), there are several types of techniques that can be used for cleaning double pane windows.

1. How to clean between double pane windows with drilling

We really encourage you to use a professional service company like Evergreen Window Cleaning for this type of task. It’s a very risky procedure if you don’t have experience with it.

That being said, the process of how to clean between double pane windows with a drill involves drilling one or multiple holes into the glass. Once drilled, you will insert tiny desiccate packets that will absorb moisture from between the glasses. These packets are useful in clearing out any fog or condensation.

Once the hole has been formed, it can also be used to rinse out dirt with isopropyl alcohol. If rinsing does not work, you may need to use another tool like a drain snake with a cloth to get inside the window to clean it.

2. How to remove moisture from double pane windows

If you’ve drilled into the window, one other trick to remove moisture from double pane windows is to point a fan toward the drilled holes.

This will increase air circulation and help the moisture to evaporate. You can also leave the drilled holes, as they’ll be necessary to clean the window in the future.

3. How to clean inside double pane windows without drilling

Don’t like the idea of drilling through your double pane windows to clean them? Here’s a few other tips.

  • Try a dehumidifier near the window
  • Lay a moisture absorbent near the edge of the window or desiccate packets
  • Use a heater or a hair dryer near the window to promote moisture evaporation

This technique is less reliable, but also less invasive.

Hiring a Professional

There is a big difference in knowing how to clean inside windows double pane style versus traditional style. If you’ve never attempted this before, we highly recommend reaching out to Evergreen Window Cleaning so that our professional window cleaners can assist you today. Click here to get in touch.