28 October, 2021

Gutter problems are more than just an annoyance. They can also lead to water damage, leaks, roof damage, mold, and rot. A properly functioning gutter system is an important fixture that protects your house. Evergreen Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance is here to talk about some common gutter problems and how to fix them. 

Most Common Gutter Problems

Blocked or Clogged Gutters

Gutters fill with leaves, dirt, sticks, and debris over time. Clogged gutters cannot remove water effectively and may lead to flooding, leaks, and damaged roofing tiles. 

How to Fix

The fix to this one is simple—you have to get up there and clean them out. You can remove clogged gutter problems by hand or call a pro to clean them for you. 

Leaking Gutters

Leaking gutters are another common problem. The usual cause of leaking gutters is cracks or improperly sealed joints. Rain and water can exacerbate these issues.

How to Fix

You will need to either patch the holes yourself or have a pro do it. Depending on the size of the leaks, you may need to replace sections of the pipe.

Poor Gutter Pitching and Sloping

Gutters need a specific slope to work properly. If they are too straight or slope upward, they won’t drain water correctly. 

How to Fix

You can reorient gutter pitch by replacing brackets so your gutters fall 0.1 inches per every 3 feet of distance. If you have aluminum pipes, you can bend the pipe into the correct position. 

Damaged Gutters

Gutters can crack, split, and warp due to impacts and environmental weathering. 

How to Fix

Depending on the nature of the damage, you may be able to repair your gutters. You can bang out dents and seal small holes with bonding material. 

Improperly Installed Gutter

If you don’t install gutters properly, it can increase the risk of flooding and water damage. Improperly installed gutters can also damage your walls. 

How to Fix

You can remount the gutters to orient them against the wall properly.

Gutter Backflow

Gutter backflow occurs when water seeps between your gutters and the walls. It can lead to water damage and pooling. 

How to Fix

You need to remount your gutters so they lie flush to the wall. This will prevent water from escaping over the sides. 

Saggy Gutters

Weight from debris and leaves can cause sagging, which damages your walls. 

How to Fix

You will need to replace the brackets and clean the gutters from whatever is weighing them down. 

Incorrectly Positioning of Downspouts

Downspouts need to be in the right places to avoid pooling and water seeping into your foundation. 

How to Fix

You can bend the bottom of the downspout into the right position, or you may have to replace the pipe with another material like PVC or metal.  

Poor Gutter System

Your gutter system may also have a poor design, with pipes placed incorrectly or near foundations. 

How to Fix

If your entire gutter system is inefficient, it may be best to start from scratch and get a new system.   

Tips on How to Prevent Future Gutter Problems

Clean Regularly

The most common problems with guttering are a result of infrequent cleaning. Dirt, leaves, sticks, and other debris cause cracks, leaks, and structural damage. Experts recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. 

Install Correctly

Gutters need a specific slope and pitch to drain correctly. If you install them incorrectly, they may not be as effective at removing water and waste. Make sure that you get a professional to install your gutters. 

Insulate Your Attic

Heat transfer from poorly insulated attics is a major cause of gutter issues in the winter, such as ice dams and frozen pipes. Make sure your attic insulation is up to date.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect your roof once per year. Most guttering problems are easy to catch if you inspect your roof. A professional roof inspection can prevent costly gutter issues in the future. 
  • Check joints. Pipe joints are more likely to develop rust and holes. Make sure you keep an eye on those problem areas and patch holes when they appear.
  • Materials matter. The best gutters use lightweight materials like aluminum or fiberglass. Copper and steel are two other popular gutter materials.
  • Keep your roof clean. A dirty roof can contribute to clogged and corroded gutters. We recommend washing your roof at least once per year.

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