Evergreen Window Cleaning, LLC is a Seattle-based, family-owned and family-run business. We are a residential maintenance company with four main services: window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and roof care. Evergreen is managed by Keith Sherman, formerly of Sherman Window Cleaning, and headquartered in Shoreline, Washington.

Our company was started in 1996 with an initial focus on commercial buildings in Everett, Washington. In 1998, we moved to Mercer Island and turned our attention almost to include the residential market. Real people, their homes, and their businesses became our passion. With a change of ownership in 2010, we moved for a few years to Seattle before settling in Shoreline in 2013 where we continue to serve Greater Seattle and the Eastside. We have grown steadily in spite of the recession, thanks in large part to a wonderful staff that lives out our mission and clients who feel its impact.

Keith and Julianne with their four girls


Our mission is to increase happiness in our:

customers, by the consistent quality of our work, the friendly professionalism of our staff, and the fairness of our prices

staff, by providing meaningful work at good wages, a safe, enjoyable work environment, and opportunity for advancement

industry, by harnessing the best of our imagination, knowledge, and experience to discover ways to make our work more enjoyable, more excellent, and more cost-effective to our customers

community, by being an exemplar of good and ethical business practices, an advocate for responsible free-market economics, and good stewards of creation

The evergreen tree in our logo is courtesy of Dixie Allen. See more of her work at webclipart.about.com

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